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Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
jordan has the million dollar case of he said, she said. >> ramon ortiz cherishes a photo as one of his prized possessions. this family portrait is priceless. but there was another piece of paper that was worth almost as much. >> ortiz says he doesn't speak english and he doesn't have a social security number. but he did have an idea to collect from the maryland lottery commission. ortiz says he asked a legal, english coworker to pay the $450,000 pay out. ortiz says i never felt anything bad would happen. he says that trusted co-worker took the money and left him holdihold ing souvenirs. >> the department walked awaif with the check and the money. all my client has is a t-shirt and a hat. >> reporter: but the attorney insists his client did not take anyone's money. he says there was a confidential agreement between the two. he says he's making certain allegations that we are emphically and categorically denying and we will try our case in court. >> ortiz says he would have used that money to send back to his children in guatemala. but that's on hold as the case plays out in court. meanw
Sep 13, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >> director lloyd. >> aye. >> ruskin. >> aye. >> chair ortiz. >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is four ayes, item ten is approved. * >> item 11. approving the operating budget amendments for fiscal year 2012 in 739,134 and fiscal year 2013 in amount of 800,000 to update ac expenditures and operating revenues. >> there is a report on this item. >> directors, we fund the operations budget with a regional measure 2 operating grant so the budget amendments are fully funded by the operations grant. we do not keep any excess from the grant so it is not as if we weren't -- if we didn't spend it on operations it would not be available to us to spend on other aspects of the project. the additional budget for the ac transit support was developed when we were negotiating the use and lease agreement and before the full impacts of the official needs were known. once we received the invoice for the final year we were able to amend the budget for the last fiscal year, then use that to see what we were going to need to do to the operations budget for this coming fiscal year. ac transit is also, becaus
Sep 13, 2012 6:30pm PDT
. >> second. >> motion and second. >> motion and second. director lloyd. >> aye. >> ruskin. >> aye. >> ortiz? >> aye. >> kim. >> kim aye as well, that is four ayes * and consent calendar is approved. >> next we have item eight. >> go ahead. authorizeding executive director to execute professional services agreement for legal services with bench of law enforcements consisting or weinberg err, shaw, student loan hold, nix and peabody, services within * practice areas on as-needed area for five-year terms, total compensation under bench agreement does not exceed 8 million. >> director sarah jalati will report on this item. >> directors th, is a proposed bench of law enforcements of maximum contribution of 8 million so work would be authorized for each and budget for each firm on an as-needed basis. we conducted an rfp process to solicit proposals from legal firms. we received 19 proposals. we short-listed ten and conducted interviews. the firms really broke out into four main practice areas. general counsel, construction counsel, labor and employment and public and private finance. following th
Sep 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. director lloyd? >> aye. >> ruskin. >> aye. >> ortiz? >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is four ayes. item nine is approved. * >> can we please move to ten. >> approving changes to the small business enterprise program and disadvantaged business enterprise program, including anticipated db pa tis page level for reminder of the period of federal fiscal years * 2011-2013 and revising the draft adpl for public review, 45-day public comment process. >> the director sarah jalati will report on this item as well. >> good morning again, directors. * >> this item, there are three main components to this item. changes to the small business program, changes to the disadvantaged business enterprise program and proposed change to our dbe goal for fta funded contracts for reminder of the tri annual period. the fta office of several rights conducted a review of the program in the spring of this year, so this item is the result of the report coming out of that review. the changes to the small and disadvantaged business enterprise programs are really not -- they are just putting i want -- documentin
Sep 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
a lottery prize he says a friend ripped off. ramon ortiz says two years ago, he bought a maryland ticket with a $1 million jackpot. ortiz doesn't speak english and doesn't have a social security number. he says he asked a legal english speaking co-worker to claim the $450,000 payout. she did claim the prize and kept it, apparently. ortiz now suing that co-worker. the co-worker filed a petition with the courts to have the case thrown out but that was denied. >>> and take a look at this man. police arrested him at the tacoma metro station. he's accused of videotaping women up their skirts while asking them for directions. detectives think there may be more victims, including some younger than 18. if you think you may have been targeted, call the tacoma park police. >>> this morning, police are trying to solve the murders of two prince george's students killed within three weeks. the latest case happened tuesday. someone shot and killed markell ross while he walked to school in capital heights. last month, the gunman shot and killed amber stanley inside her home. both were good students and
Sep 15, 2012 9:00am EDT
of his lottery winnings is now being held by immigration officials. ramone ortiz hit the lottery in maryland two years ago. he doesn't have a social security number so he says he asked a co-worker to claim the $450,000 payout. well, he claims that co-worker kept all his money. ortiz is now suing for fraud. his attorney says the fraud case will move forward while ortiz' fate is still being decided. >>> officials at the national institutes of health say a drug resistant super bug killed a 7th person. the bug killed a minnesota boy who had complications from a bone marrow transplant. doctors detected the bug at the nih clinical center last year. 17 people have been infected since last august when a new york woman was admitted to the hospital unknowingly carrying the disease. d.c.'s irving forestry administration is working with district residents to help get rid of mosquitos. residents around 10th and m streets northwest are worried the mosquitos could bring west nile virus. the urban forestry group says one of the causes for the bugs is these things, the canopy keepers. the slow dr
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
hitting a lottery jackpot. his attorney says he's now being detained by immigration. ramone ortiz hit the lottery in maryland two years ago, because he doesn't have a social security number, he asked a co-worker to claim the $450,000 payout. he claims that co-worker kept the money. ortiz and his wife are now suing for fraud. their attorney says the fraud case will still move forward while ortiz's fate is being decided. >>> still ahead, police think a man arrested for a horrific crime in central park this week may also be responsible for a cold case in west virginia. >>> one of d.c.'s hottest restaurants puts down new roots up on capitol hill. the new take on the new hank's oyster bar, next. >>> where's kate? there she is. >> yeah, that katie. bethesda's own olympic gold medali medalist, katie ledecky got a shoutout from president obama today. they had a special ceremony honoring u.s. olympians and paralympians. they presented the obamas with the american flag they carried during the opening ceremonies. team usa won 104 medals, 46 of them gold. >>> hank's oyster bar, a longtime staple
Sep 11, 2012 11:35pm PDT
manejar mejor sus finanzas, en los Ángeles julio césar ortiz noticias univisión. >> también se enfrentar a cargos por contratar a inmigrantes, la mayoría de los indocumentados vienen de méxico y pakistán, el gobierno pretende embargar ambos negocios. >> la huelga en chicago aún continúa, el sindicato dijo que no hubo progreso este martes, los maestros tienen solidaridad en otros países. >> se dice que uno de los puntos principales es la forma en que se evaluará a los maestros. >> los huelguistas dicen que uno de los puntos principales no es el dinero y les preocupa que la mayor parte de la evaluación venga de los estudiantes. >> en muchos casos su condición de migrantes. >> el 98% vive bajo el nivel de la pobreza. >> se piensa que esta huelga está teniendo repercusiones a nivel nacional. >> en la forma en la cual se hace la evaluación, no beneficia para mejorar el sistema y sirve más para condenar a los profesores. >> también exigten que le devuelvan el trabajo completo. >> en mis estudios pues muchos se van a retrasar de la graduación y ahora no podemos tener más tiempo
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
cada tres residentes de california es inmigrante. >> y vemos como julio césar ortiz nos explica la ssituación. >> se busca un peluquero y vemos como cientos de comunidades inmigrantes se han unido a este país. >> el latino ha abierto sus casas para transformarlas en negocios. >> pero los latinos no tienen una mejor integracion a la sociedad. >> vemos como según un estudio de 10 puntos en relación a los inmigrantes se dio a conocer que no tienen una buena integracion como se da en algunas regiones. >> las que no sufren tanto con esta recesión son aquellos que integran mejor a los inmigrantes. >> como le digo, muchos de nuestros miembros no entienden. >> los Ángeles quedo en 8° lugar, por la recesión económica. >> vemos como con el aniversario de independencia . >> vemos como estuvo carlos felix corona y los representantes de nicaragua. >> y entonces tenemos un acxto muy importnate se dcestaco la contribucion de los latinos en el área de la bahía. >> esta ordenanza entraria en vigencia en octubre pero fue aplazada. >> y los organizadores serán más duros que nunca en el
Sep 12, 2012 11:00am PDT
from the puc. >> good afternoon, i'm julia ortiz, the water conservation manager with puc. we are here for authorization to expend 2.1 million in state grant funds from department of water resources for construction of the harding park recycled water project. this is a very important part of our efforts to diversify our local water supply and reduce amount of poetable water we import. the project is an effort between daly city and sfpuc to produce recycled water that would irrigate harding park golf course and fleming golf courses. it basically involves building a new pipeline along lake merced, hardinger park, new storage tank and irrigation pump station. there is no negative fiscal impact associated. we are asking to accept state grant funds. the total amount of the project is $7.4 million. funds are available through the puc's water system improvement program funds. so if there's any questions, i'm happy to take those. >> thank you very much. you have articulated the matching funds required, the 5.3 million, is within your current budget? >> yes, that's correct. >> there is no budge
Sep 13, 2012 5:00am EDT
is coming forward to reclaim a lottery prize he says a friend ripped off of him. ramon ortiz says two years ago he bought a $2 maryland scratch-off lottery ticket with a $1 million jackpot. ortiz doesn't speak english and doesn't have a social security number so he couldn't claim the prize himself. ortiz says he asked a legal english speaking co-worker to claim the $450,000 payout. she did claim the prize and kept it. ortiz is now suing that co-worker. >>> a prince william county neighborhood still in shock as two women are behind bars for running an illegal daycare. police say the two women were in charge of at least 20 kids at a home on abilene way in woodbridge. the women are accused of simply leaving the babies strapped in their car seats during the day. some were placed in a closet and in a bathroom. all of the children were under four years old. >> to hear that a provider was unlicensed with 21 children in their home was very, very shocking to me. so my heart bleeds, because to hear something like that is very shocking. >> now, none of the children was hurt and they were released back
Sep 13, 2012 6:00am EDT
ortiz says two years ago he bought a $20 maryland scratch-off ticket with a $1 million jackpot. ortiz doesn't speak english and doesn't have a social security number, so he couldn't claim the prize himself. ortiz says he asked a legal english speaking co-worker to claim the $450,000 payout. she did claim the prize and kept it for herself, apparently. ortiz now suing her. there you go. thank you for starting your day with us. >>> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes weather, traffic, and any breaking news and we're right back here tomorrow morning. until then, have a great day. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
Sep 5, 2012 7:00am PDT
ortiz de pinedo, dijo que no tiene cÁncer, mientras salen a la luz las primeras imÁgenes del actor luego de saberse la noticia. >>> en exclusiva, un orgullo del deporte mexicano, el campeÓn olÍmpico del fÚtbol diego reyes revela el secreto de su carrera. >>> y un inmigrante hipano vÍctima de violencia, enfrenta deportaciÓn, el Ángel de la justicia pone cartas en el asunto. >>> el video de separar la yema de huevo, se hace famoso en la internet, lo pondremos a prueba, quiÉn lo lograra. >>> yo. alejandra guzmÁn vuelve a cantar. >>> y quÉ hacero, cuando hay rivalidad entre hermanos v para celebrar y hacer armonÍa en la familia, como la tienen lolita y rosario que nos visitan hoy en "despierta amÉrica." >>> comenzamos. ♪. ♪. ♪. viva mÉxico, viva. >>> viva amÉrica♪. ♪ suelo bendito de dios. ♪. ♪ viva mÉxico viva♪. ♪ viva amÉrica viva♪. ♪ mi sangre por ti dare yo. ♪. ♪. >>> sÍ seÑor. >>> eso. >>> mariachi mÉxico internacional. >>> sÍ seÑor. >>> buenos dÍas a usted en casa, es miÉrcoles 5 de septiembre del 2012, mire quiÉn estÁ con nosotros, la
Aug 31, 2012 11:00pm PDT
la solicitud. ---julio Ésar ortiz nos habla de cÁles son las consecuencias de retrasar esta oportunidad que miles de soÑadores haÍan esperado por varios aÑos. comunidad tener seguridad . >> por entro llevan una solicitud lista pero no la han mandando. >> te puede beneficiar y no poder entregarlo y saber que no sabes que puede pasar con tu futuro. >> por un lado son elegibls, peor no saben hasta cuando. >> es que antes nos querían echar de acá y ahora ayuda, pero por eso ahora la confusión de que pasa. >> la fecha que no se quitan en la mente es las elecciones. >> no sabemos, si gana mitt romney puede todo quedar en nada. >> ellos pueden recibir permisos de trabajo, seguro social. >> aunqu es bajo el número de someter documentos inmigratorios antes de las elecciones y esto puede retrasar su proceso migratorio, en el este de los Ángeles julio césar ortiz univisión. xuales ocurridos en el barrio "fruitvale".---el blanco de los ataques, mujeres latinas que van de los 18 a los 54 aÑos.---en todos los casos, las Íctimas fueron abordadas en la calle por uno o varios de
Sep 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
, porque también gerardo ortiz y los temerarios reciben su estrella. >>> ahora que estrena horario a las 7, 6 centro e ilia calderón nos visita. >>> también el país natal de doña meche que dice que fernando arau le manda mensajes en mira quién baila. >>> qué te parece. >>> bienvenidos a despierta américa, la mejor manera de comenzar sus mañanas. >>> y la mejor forma de cerrar su semana. >>> hoy es viernes ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. (gritos) (aplausos) >>> ¡bravo! >>> ¡que se escuche el grito! >>> ¡viva méxico! >>> ¡viva! >>> ¡viva centro américa! >>> ¡que vivan los viernes! >>> viva. >>> es viernes 14 de septiembre del 2012 y estamos celebrando hoy la independencia de méxico y de centro américa y estamos con ellos los mora arriaga en despierta américa, ¿cómo están muchachos? >>> excelentemente bien , también para algunos es día de celebración porque es el día de san cheque. >p>>pero quién hará el segmento de la impotencia, si tienes algún problema, yo con gusto te ayudo. >>> exactamente >>> solución es la que estamos buscando también, después de mortal atentado con
Sep 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
despuÉs de perder miles de dÓlares ahora dice estÁ listo para votar por ser ciudadano. >> josÉ ortiz dejÓ mÉxico para llegar a estados unidos hace mÁs de 4 dÉcadas. >> me saliÓ mal el abogado. >> perdiÓ miles de dolares cuando lo engaÑaron al tratar de convertirse en ciudadano de este paÍs, pero seguir lo ayudÓ a ser un estado uno desde. >> me siento igual a ellos, creo que eso es lo principal, a uno lo miran mal en la calle, ahora no. >> el gran anhelo de josÉ participar en las elecciones para elegir a un representante que apoyÉ en la comunidad hispana. >> si no cuidado se lo comen a uno aquÍ. >> josÉ a conquistado va rrÍas esta conciente que al votar su voto harÁ la diferencia. >> con mucho pocos han ganado personas, un voto mÁs se hace la diferencia. >> y ahora tiene esta informaciÓn si usted es ciudadano su derecho civil en votar, el 22 de okctubre y pued llamar al (nÚmero en pantalla) ve y vota, marÍa leticia e guimos con mÁs. podrÁn preguntar por su na demann migratoria, una clau que alegaby de arizona conocida como "muestre me sus papeles" esto es una discrimina
Sep 7, 2012 6:00pm PDT
de enfermedad es sumamente raro. >>> gerardo ortiz se destaca en el mundo del canto y próximamente sale su cd. >>> stefanie bradford con la información. >>> es el rey del corrido o el fenómeno máximo del género regional mexicano. >>> sé muy bien lo que quiere mi público y me enfoco en eso. >>e> s que gerardo orrtiz tienne sus corridos modernos con personalidad. >>> muy enfocados, con este nuevo tema, estoy muy esperanzado, con muchas sorpresas ahí, con mariachi, con lo de banda, solo vine a despedirme el primer sencillo y contento. >>> pero a este cantante le falta realiar dos de sus grandes anhelos, colaborar con pitbull. >>> sería bueno, porque me gustó mucho la última rola y todo lo que hace, como intérprete me gusta demasiado. >>> y el segundo hacer una segunda versión de loba con shakira, porque dice que está hipnotizado con sus movimientos de cadera. >>> sería bueno, hacer una loba parte 2. >>> después de la pausa, tenemos más información, pero antes el adelanto del clima con guillermo quiroz ♪. >>> qué tal amigos, al regresar de la pausa, llegó
Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm PDT
morelo. >>> viva la seÑora josefa ortiz. >>> viva a allende. >>> viva. >>> viva a matamoros. >>> viva la independencia nacional. >>> viva mÉxico!. >>> viva!. >>> viva mÉxico!. >>> viva. >>> vivo mÉxico!. >>> y leÓn felipe gonzÁlez ha estado en esta ceremonia en donde han ido miles de latinos para celebrar las fiestas patrias. > >>> adelante. >>> gracias, te escucho bien y ha sido un dÍa que feesiestas y despuÉs del grito ha habido un spesh espectÁculo y vamos a ver como se vivieron los momentos antes de este grito. >>> hoy los mexicanos han salido a festejar, son 200 aÑos de independencia. >>> me siento muy feliz y a nosotros en puerto rico nos encanta bailar ♪ ♪ yo me siento muy bien y orgullosa de lo que cargo en la sangre y me encanta bailar este baile. >>> tambiÉn encontramos unos despitados. >>> que se celebra hoy. >>> la patria de mÉxico en el 5 de mayo. >>> pero lo importante es celebrar y para eso los american mexicanos se pintan solos. >>> el festejo no puede estar completo con el estÓmago vacÍo. >>> tenemos que tener comida, los amigos y la comida y que viva m
Sep 18, 2012 7:30pm PDT
native american indian and the western. (alphonso ortiz) western films perpetuate the notion in american minds that the indian is the enemy. the indian is the embodiment of the "other" to the american. i've sat with navaho children, watching grade-b westerns and when the cowboy or cavalry comes over the hill, they start clapping like mad. indians were defined uniformly as being in the way of the orderly march of progress and civilization. see this is how thorough the cultural conditioning is. (arthur penn) the indians had been portrayed throughout most of the westerns as these wild-blooded savages, who were given to all kinds of criminal, unchristian acts and dastardly deeds. i don't understand it, grandfather, why would they kill women and children? because they are strange. they do not seem to know where the earth's center is. the fact of the matter is that we were covering up a large part of what would be construed in modern terminology as a kind of genocide, that we were conducting, which was simply taking territory from these people. (gunfire and screams) but "little big man" was no
Sep 13, 2012 6:30pm PDT
historia. >>> adriana ortiz dice que presentar a obama, fue para ella una de su mÁs grandes victorias. >>> de donde vengo es un sueÑo que ni siquiera uno se permite sonar, en este pueblo no habÍa agua ni electricidad, una niÑa sda sdal za viviendo asÍ es algo que jamÁs hubiera posibilidad soÑar. >>> dice que si presidente barack obama pierde la reelecciÓn, su bienestar estÁ en juego, aunque estÁ consciente que no todos comparten su convicciÓn. >>> estamos tomando en cuesta la importancia del voto hispano. >>> este programa estÁ dirigido a conservador es aquÍ son los primeros en criticar a mitt romney por haber yiignorado a hispanos. >>> los verdaderos avances vienen de otros como este pastor que afirma que por su apoyo al o aborto nadie puede votar por el mandatario. >>> Él era el presidente de cambio de unidad. >>> dice que cada vez masacre oyentes hispanos estÁn cambiando. >>> grupos calculan que si diez mil hispanos saltan a la derecha, mitt romney ganarÍa nevada, demÓcratas estÁn apostando de mantener a hispano y con quiso tan a nuevos votantes Él dirige un diari
Sep 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
director ortiz. >> i assumed this project was started while the redevelopment agency was still in existence, correct? yeah, the redevelopment project started when redevelopment agency was in existence. >> has the department of finance recognized this obligation? >> they have. we have an overarching obligation for infrastructure in project area. not just this park but there's a lot of thesering infrastructure improvements. folsom street improvements, realignment of on ramp at fremont and fulsom. those are all in the props. >> we have three area plans approved by department of finance. that includes the transbay redevelopment area plan. director ruskin. >> i know you have thought this out, renderings look nice. * light colors like nice especially that ramps are not there. recognized -- but given the ramps are not there i would assume and encourage that considerations of design principles along the lines of crime prevention through environmental design or something. lighting, sight lines, graffiti resistance. because those things will have a pretty different feel with ramps there, with the sha
Sep 1, 2012 12:07am PDT
] >> next up is -- next up is marcela ortiz. >> ok. this is the first time i'm reading in front of people. ok. all right. this is a poem to my mom. you're nothing but a group of coffee klatching women. 19 years and the only image that i can think of what i hearl my mother's voice is rosie the riveter with her hand balled up in a fist and her
Sep 8, 2012 12:30am PDT
you. [cheers and applause] >> next up is -- next up is marcela ortiz. >> ok. this is the first time i'm reading in front of people. ok. all right. this is a poem to my mom. you're nothing but a group of coffee klatching women. 19 years and the only image that i can think of what i hearl my mother's voice is rosie the riveter with her hand balled up in a fist and her hand underneath her face. coffee klatching women? a bunch of old grandmothers who sit in sewing sirgles and talk about the best blueberry circles. we banned my mother from the kitchenen -- because of an incident where she had burnt water the the only person who cooked was my father. please keep your peace, mom. yes, my mother say woman but coffee klatching? the term was worse than nails on the chalk board. oh, yes, a coffee klatching woman who has raised three children and never taking shying from anyone. you sure do act like a coffee klatching women with your boots and jeans on, arriving to run a crew of obnoxious men's, because 50% of the men's brains skiptd -- consist of their oh so glorified junk which doesn't even wor
Sep 19, 2012 8:30pm PDT
is here for them, elsa ortiz. [applause] >> good morning. as president of the ac transit board of directors and on behalf of my fellow board members, i want to think the federal transit administration and administrator matt millen for showing an understanding of our $7.5 million grant that will help us maintain bus-reliable service. i also want to thank our east bay congressional delegation for always supporting our efforts and for working so hard on our behalf of the securities grant appeared we know that without congresswoman lee to helping our perpetual fight for fundamental would be much tougher. we need the funding to replace our existing bus fare box system and support equipment. fareboxes are a required element for recording and collecting cash fares on our buses. system failures not only result in lost fare revenues but also costly maintenance, expenses for repair and interruption of service. ac transit will bite fareboxes and equipment for storage as well as equipment to manage the system. replacement will bring our fair system into a state of good repair and enable us
Sep 16, 2012 10:00pm EDT
, uno de luís miguel que estrena romance, y también de gerardo ortiz que aprovecho su visita para ir a las vegas nevada a develar su estrella. >> miren lo que pasó. >> viva méxico!. >> viva!. >> el presidente felipe calderón dio inicio a las celebraciones desde el palacio nacional y todos dieron el grito de la independencia. >> jenny rivera, banda el recodo, larry hernández, gloria trevy y los artistas más representativos dijeron presidente. >> nos encanta poder festejar el grito de esta manera. >> que padre que hagan ese tipo de fiestas, para que no se pierda la cultura. >> esta tradición no se ha perdido y año tras año toma más fuerza. >> para paquita la del barrio le trae bellos recuerdos. >> en estas fechas, pues cantaba yo en los eventos que hacían los maestros. >> ♪. >> ¿qué se te antoja comer?. >> acá todo se antoja comer. >> por primera vez pude comer algo de la dieta, arriba méxico y amo el mes de septiembre. >> vine a comerme unos taquitos, unos sopesitos, mañana la ropa nos va a cobrar, pero no importa. >> un abrazo para la gente que está celebrando. >>
Sep 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
ortiz. maryland holds on to win it 7-6. here's coach ed sell after the game. >> one of the things that we talked about through the winter, the spring, the summer and preseason was finishing. and they very easily could have just folded their tents. but they kept persevering, they kept fighting, they kept scratching and clawing, and found a way to win. >> yes, they did. well, it's a family affair when the virginia cavaliers host richmond. first year coach danny rocco, his nephew is the starting qb for the wahoos. uva already up 9-0. there's michael rocco hooking up with darius jennings. look at the sophomore wideout turning on the jets. cavaliers take a 16-0 lead. they go on to win 43-19 over richmond. >>> a new era for penn state football. no joe pa for the first time since 1949. the nittany lions looked good early. first quarter, mcgloin signs bill belten who punches one in for the score. penn state up 7-0. a big second half by ohio led by that quarterback right there, tyler tuttleton. ohio goes on to beat penn state. >>> elsewhere, the irish eyes were smiling from dublin as navy
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the money. ortiz and his wife are now suing her for fraud. their attorney says the fraud case will still move forward, while ortiz's immigration fate is decided. >>> the man who scammed nearly a dozen people in a home mortgage fraud was sentenced in rockville today. carlos sanchez got seven years in prison. prosecutors say he preyed on fellow latinos who were close to losing their homes and businesses. he and a partner took nearly $50,000 from the victims and spent the money on themselves. >> they targeted these individuals with the thought that the people he was targeting would never report their crimes. >> anybody could think about, are you stupid or what? how come this guy deceives you? they had the skill to convince anybody. >> sanchez apologized to his victims saying he never meant any of these things to happen. he's being investigated for similar crimes in prince george's, in howard and in baltimore counties. >>> an e-mail sent to employees at a federal agency was meant to celebrate the hispanic culture, but instead it's interpreted as offensive. now the author of that message is a
Sep 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
soluciÓn. >>> y tambiÉn gerardo ortiz y los temerarios reciben su estrella. aq >>> aquÍ esta maÑana nos visita ilda calderÓn sobre una historia en colombia. >>> y que te parece grupo ? >>> bienvenidos a "despierta amÉrica." su mejor manera de comenzar las maÑanas. hoy es viernes! ♪(mÚsica)♪ ♪(mÚsica)♪ ♪(mÚsica)♪ >>> viva mÉxico! (aplausos) >>> quÉ se escuche el grito. >>> viva mÉxico! >>> viva centroamÉrica! >>> que vivan los viernes! >>> y que viva "despierta amÉrica." estamos de fiesta. es viernes 14 de septiembre del aÑo 2012. y este fin de semana celebramos la independencia de mÉxico y de centroamÉrica. y como estÁn muchachos? >>> excelente, nuestra karla tiene el dÍa libre, y hay motivos para celebrar, para algunos es el dÍa de san cheque, y algunos no pagen. >>> es el dÍa mÁs emocionante del mundo. y quiÉn harÁ el segmento de la impotencia? porque me encanta ayudar a la gente, el dÍa que se pudra todo hay que buscar soluciÓn. >>> soluciÓn es lo que buscamos despuÉs de este mortal atentado en libia. y tiene que estar pendiente porque sus arc
Sep 13, 2012 7:00am EDT
detectarlo y como reaccionar. >> gerardo ortiz landa a la cantada a su hermano, más detalles tendremos en las meras chidas, más detalles en seguida. >> y las imágenes que dieron la sorpresa fue del presidente venezolano y vicente fernández, y diremos lo que hoy celebra la bella lucero, protagonista de por ella soy eva, verán porque se siente tan feliz. (♪) >> se fue el chef pepin, pero llegó él con la información en la mano. >> llega cargadito, le estoy preparando desde noche para tener toda la información de lo que pasa en "mira quien baila", tiene que ver la fotografia, tienen que ver a ricky martin y jocelyn sanchez presumiendo curvas. >> los ensayos en "mira quien baila" están a todo que dar, pero los participantes se quejaron que hace frío en los intertantos. samy no puede contener las nieves. >> maría antonieta está presumiendo sus jeans, alicia machado dice que hasta en su casa está ensayyando. >> valentina olvidó la dieta y fue a comer hamburguesas, henry santos presentó al nuevo grupo aventura de "mira quien baila" y confesó que le gusta mucho miami. >> fernando ar
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